judge faq’s

How do I receive an assignment? You will receive an assignment via e-mail. Log into your judges portal or click the embedded link in the body of the e-mail. You simply click the view video link in your portal and the video will upload on your computer media player. Please note that all video file types may not play on your default media player.
Below are links to four common video types. Please take a moment to click on these links to make sure they will open on the computer you will be using to complete your judging assignments.
How do I complete the commentary? You can use a digital voice recorder (DVR) or your phone to record the commentary for the group you are evaluating. You can also use the audio recording feature in QuickTime.
How do I upload my commentary? Although many DVR players are slightly different, most come with a USB adapter that plugs into one of the USB ports. Plug in the DVR, your computer should open a window showing the files on your DVR.
Choose the audio file you wish to upload, rename and save it to your desktop or an easily identified folder. In your judge portal, click the browse button, go to the folder or desktop where the file was saved, find the file, double click the file. Once the file is uploaded, click listen to commentary and make sure the correct file has been loaded. Click Submit and you are done.
Who do I contact if I am having problems uploading the commentary? Please contact Scott Bilbruck by phone at 714-812-0913 or e-mail at sbilbruck@e-adjudicate.com
When do I receive payment for my assignments? Payroll is processed every Monday and checks are mailed by Wednesday of each week.