Judging re-imagined

At e-Adjudicate, we have re-imagined judging for the 21st century by offering performers a chance to be evaluated by professionals in a virtual environment.

When a director chooses you as a contractor, you receive an email notifying you of an assignment and then you will have 72 hours in which to complete the assignment. When you receive your assignment email, you log into your Judge Portal, view the video one time while using a digital voice recorder or the audio recording function on your computer for your commentary. Once complete, you upload your commentary and click submit.

Judges are paid at an estimated rate of $60 an hour- i.e. 4 performance videos at $15 each, take one hour to adjudicate and upload files

All judges are independent contractors and have the ability to control availability

You do not have any contact with the performing solo or ensemble other than the digital audio file

You give the same evaluation as an actual event but in a virtual environment- the end product to the performing ensemble is the same

Upload the digital commentary file to the site and click submit. The automated program takes care of the rest


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