How much does it cost to hire a judge? Prices are $25.95 for student orders and $34.95 for director orders. Directors can order subscriptions for more savings, three (3) judges for $95, six (6) judges for $185, and ten (10) judges for $305.
How do I see or choose my judges? Once you set up a director account you can browse our database of 100’s of judges and read their biographies. If you are ready to start an order, you link or upload your video and then choose as many judges as you like.
Under what criteria is my ensemble adjudicated with? E-Adjudicate judges use industry standard rubrics for every caption and have them available on each assignment.
How long does a judge have to return my commentary? The judge has 72 hours from the time you finish your order to upload your commentary and you will instantly receive an email that the commentary is available in your Director portal.
Does my video have to be performance footage? No, e-adjudicate judges evaluate rehearsal footage just like at an evaluation show, student solos or auditions and even Pyware Drill Animation files.
What type of device can I use to make my video or audio recording? You can use a video recorder, phone, digital voice recorder, or microphone and recording device.
How do I come become an e-Adjudicate judge? If you are a certified judge, you can make a judge profile, sign a contract, and upload your biography and picture in just minutes. You can mark yourself available and instantly you will appear on our site.
What size video or audio file can I upload? What is my file size exceeds this limit? The maximum file size is 150 MB but if you exceed this size you can easily upload the video to YouTube and link it to our site.
What type of files can I upload? .WMV .3GP .AVI .MOV .MP4 .MPEG